Visionix the inventor of the VX55 : the manual digitalized phoropter.

Pont de l’Arche  : Visionix to Release the VX55, Revolutionary New Product for Refraction.
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The VX 55 offers effortless efficiency and technological advances that allow for connectivity among diagnostic devices in the practice, and easy importation of measurement findings into EMR systems.

With its’ ergonomic design, VX 55 allows for freedom of movement and full control over the phoropter head and projection chart display at the touch of your fingertips.  Designed after the operation of a manual phoropter, there is little to no learning curve with its’ interactive tutorial guide screen and familiar interface.

With the VX 55, you can digitalize your manual phoropter and control the entire refraction process from your tablet increasing your efficiency and making refractions quicker and easier than ever before providing unparalleled performance and exceptional versatility.

VX130, Screening of patients.


Screening of patients, pre- and post-op support by a comprehensive complete anterior segment analysis.

The VX130 combines state-of-the-art technologies (SCHEIMPFLUG SCAN CAMERA, NON-CONTACT TONOMETRY, ABERROMETRY, CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHY) and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patients, regardless of their condition and ocular history with fully automated measurements, the VX130 is the ideal patient monitoring system.

Visionix to Release a Revolutionary New Product for Screening and Diagnosis

Pont-de l'Arche, Visionix, is proud to announce the official launch of their newest technology, the VX120, nominated for the Silmo d'Or 2015
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This device was designed as a complete screening and diagnostic tool for eye care professionals. The  VX120 is a perfect tool to screen for glaucoma, cataract, visual defects, and corneal diseases thanks to a unique combination of functions including Refraction, Keratometry, Aberrometry, Topography, Pupillometry, Tonometry, and Anterior Chamber Analysis using Scheimpflug imaging. The VX 120 also offers fully automated measurement at the touch of one button.

Visionix Announced Re-Branding of Popular Wavelens Pro

VX40 gris fond blanc

Pont-de l'Arche: Visionix  announced the re-branding of the popular lens analyzer "Wavelens Pro" to the VX 40.
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This re-branding effort allows for a streamlined product portfolio, and offers easily identifiable devices made by the Visionix brand. Aside from a new name, the VX 40 also features an updated software platform featuring enhanced prism analysis. This updated software is also available for existing Wavelens Pro.


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